Mission Beach, San Diego, September 2012.

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hi dear friend i have a big big question and i was searching the net whole the day but i couldn’t get my answer. at least i found your Id in word press and i hope you would help me.
i have a blog and today i had a lot of comments on it. but one of my comments was threatening me by a man that he could
proving that i have write my self half of the comments on my blog as an anonymous or somebody else.
now my question is:
is that possible that some body spy on my blog and analyze it via my IP address to find out who has sent me comment?
please if u can help me to know what to answer him
sorry for my full of mistake language
and thanks again

Moderator’s note: questions such as the above will not be answered here. Support for and is easy to find. I’m publishing this edited comment, with names redacted, as a reminder to others.

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